An Update Following Public Meetings To Discuss Loss Of Funding

Published: 19 March 2019

Many thanks to all who attended the Bishton Community Council public meetings at Underwood Community Centre and Bishton Village Hall in January earlier this year. We provided information on the unjustified and potentially illegal decision by Newport City Council to cut off 50% of our funds in one fell swoop and impose "double taxation" on all our residents. Your Council is still challenging the decision and we will keep residents posted on the next steps.

Meanwhile, we have been forced to increase the local precept from April 2019 to about 50p a week for an average (Band D) property. We have kept the increase down by using precious reserves, and we will also be looking to make savings which unfortunately will include a reduction in the funding available for grants to local voluntary bodies. These are tough times managing the loss of £16,050 in funding from Newport City Council, but we have heeded the clear message from residents at the meetings that you did not want see any of your key services removed or reduced.