One of the most important roles of the Community Council is to provide advice to the statutory decision-making body for planning applications, Newport City Council (NCC).

NCC are required by law to take Bishton Community Council's advice into account, although they are not obliged to follow it. Applications in our area which might be controversial or questionable normally go before the NCC Planning Committee so that their Councillors can take a democratic decision (by majority vote). The NCC Planning officer dealing with the case will always mention in his/her advice to the Committee any comments which the Community Council has made on an application, whether they are for, against or neutral.

All local residents in Underwood, Bishton or Wilcrick are invited to send objections or other comments (including support) on ANY current planning application to the Community Council at In addition residents can object or comment direct to NCC by following the links on their website. The local NCC Councillor also has a key role including the right to insist that any application is considered by the full Planning Committee, rather than decided by NCC officers - see Local Newport City Councillor: Martyn Kellaway

It is important to keep an eye on the NCC website as not all planning applications are sent automatically to the Community Council. Neighbours whom NCC believe may be affected by an application are normally alerted individually by them, but we know from experience that people affected can be left out accidentally. Written notices are affixed to lamp-posts, telegraph poles, gates etc at or near the site of an application, but they are often hard to spot unless you are on foot.

All planning applications have to be assessed by NCC to see that they are consistent with the Newport Local Development Plan which is a statutory document adopted in 2015. You can download it here. Any objections or comments on planning applications are often more persuasive if they refer to the Development Plan.

If you are submitting a planning application yourself, you are free to offer any comments you wish to the Community Council (see contact details above). Councillors will listen to your viewpoint but are legally bound to consider all applications on their merits, and to withdraw from any vote on what advice to give to NCC, if they have a potential conflict of interest. You may also attend any Community Council meeting, as well the NCC Planning Committee, where your application may be discussed. If your application is turned down by NCC, you have a right of appeal.